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Find the right fit to odd-sized mattresses with our soft, custom mattress protectors. Protect baby mattresses from inevitable stains, spills and bacteria. Customize mattress, pad size & thickness, in rectangular or oval shape options.

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Our waterproof baby mattresses and covers ensure that baby can sleep comfortably for hours without you having to worry about accidental spills. Here’s how our custom mattress protectors can offer both comfort and practically:

1.Our custom mattress protectors are made from poly fabric with vinyl backing to retain the softness of a regular mattress cover, while being waterproof. The soft quilted outer layer of our premium protectors guarantees the utmost in comfort for your little one.
2.The clean, classic style of our protectors won’t take away from the warm and inviting feel of your baby’s crib.
3.You can specify the exact dimensions and shapes that you need for your odd-shaped mattress or family heirloom crib mattress.
4.If you want to start fresh with a new mattress, get our combo deal - purchase the right mattress size along with a protector for that special cradle or crib.

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