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Designing a baby’s room is one of the most exciting times for new parents. It is natural that you would want all the elements to be flawless down to the very last detail. The crib is the focal point of an infant's room. You want to choose something between visually aesthetic and adequately comfortable – the perfect balance.

Metal or iron cribs have always been a rather popular preference. Iron cribs are durable and will not crack, chip, or lose their shape over time. Also, since it is not bite-friendly, babies are mostly not excited about teething on them.

With a wrought iron baby crib, you achieve the classic look paired with an eternal charm. A simple yet beautiful addition for your nursery, the metal crib is going to be used a lot by your baby in the coming months and years. Comfort and safety are priorities at aBaby - you can rest assured that every one of our iron cribs is compliant with the latest safety standards as outlined by the United States Safety Commission.

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