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The aBaby collection of wooden baby cradles is all about style, quality and function. Browse and pick your favorite from our wooden baby cradles today!

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Wooden baby cradles are among the first few places a child learns to sleep. Babies are attracted to motion for sleep and most likely associate the rocking motion of a cradle with the movements they felt while snuggled in the safety of their mother's womb. Thus, newborns can seldom resist the gentle rhythms of a rocking cradle.

To guarantee a secure and uninterrupted sleeping environment, finding the right wooden baby cradle becomes crucial. aBaby’s wooden baby cradles recreate some of the womb experiences - a place that is warm and cozy, along with its gentle rocking motion.

Crafted from wood and available in many beautiful finishes, we have heirloom quality cradles that won’t go out of style, and can be part of your family for generations, while adding a graceful look to your bedroom or nursery.

Many of the wooden rocking cradle designs at aBaby are easy to assemble and come with wheels allowing you to move the cradle around easily while the wheel brakes ensure the cradle stays where you want it. Also part of our amazing collection is upholstery for wooden baby cradles in attractive colors and prints. Choose from our quality infant cradles and unique cradle bedding sets, to complete your newborn's nursery!

To buy our quality wooden baby cradles online, check out the entire range above. Sit back and browse through our collection, read reviews, compare specifications and features and get them delivered to your doorstep in a matter of days! Trust us when we tell you that it can’t get any simpler!