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Sublime Metal, Brass & Iron Baby Cradle Sets

Cradles that are inspiring masterpieces for your nursery. Travel back in time with your baby to the days of old. Exquisitely crafted metal, brass & wrought iron cradles that will take your breath away. View offers & free shipping on select items.

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Stunning Wrought Iron Cradles!

Do you love the vintage look for your baby's nursery, Do you want a long-lasting iron cradle that you can treasure for always? Our wrought iron cradles will create the dreamy nursery you'll love. Discover the best iron baby cradles right here at aBaby.
Welcome home your precious newborn in elegance and style with our beautiful vintage iron cradle that features soft lines combined with a sturdy base to provide beauty and security whenever your baby sleeps. Meticulously handcrafted from iron, in unique designs and styles, our iron cradles will blend in effortlessly with just about any nursery furnishing. Your little precious bundle will look comfortable and serene in these designer iron baby cradles that are perfect for newborns until they turn over.
Made by skilled craftsmen, the wrought iron cradles at aBaby are hand-crafted pieces from brands like Corsican that showcase personal care and attention to detail - perfect to be passed down as treasured heirlooms. With fine rounding curves, and sleek straight lines, combining a traditional look with a striking style, our iron cradles have a unique appeal.
You can also get iron baby cradles with locking mechanisms under the cradle allows you to use it stationary or just unlock it to rock your baby to sleep. Our beautiful iron cradles have hand applied non-toxic powder coated finish in a variety of colors to make your iron cradle, a true heirloom! Order yours today. .