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Contemporary Modern Designs

If classic and old-fashioned isn’t your style, we’ve got a range of trendy baby bassinets for the modern home. The new innovative designs are a welcome breath of fresh air to the world of baby amenities on the market today. The use of contemporary materials such as chrome metal and sleek aluminum and a modern twist on classic materials such as wicker and wood is a clever and creative idea.

The beauty bows hanging bassinet, for instance, used a traditional wicker basket painted in a stark white finish and dressed in soft and elegant bedding to add a modest touch of chic in baby’s nursery. The My Dream cradle is a wonderful combination of style and function. The sleek aluminum frame adds a modern look, and the mattress is made of high-density foam.

Another favorite is the Allegro Cradle crafted from New Zealand Pine with a rich espresso finish. This is a fine example of solid workmanship with a smart stabilizing mechanism. The cradle can go from a gentle rock to stationary with just a flip of your foot. Now that’s intelligent style! With the modern yet sophisticated choices we’ve got, you’ll find the perfect baby bassinet!