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It’s that time, isn’t it? Your little one has reached stage of … toilet training! When it’s time to say “bye-bye” to diapers and “hello” to the potty, we step in to add a bit of functional fun!

Our potty chairs, in so many exciting hand painted themes, make potty time exciting for both the trainer and the trainee. No more wheedling and whining, your youngster will enjoy the time spent on these one of a kind potty chairs.

We have potties painted in themes of airplanes, jungles, Noah’s ark, school busses, and prince and princess thrones! Our musical potty adds even a bit more fun.

Check out our functional freedom potty trainer, potty bench, and 4-in-1 toilet seat trainer. When you’re on the go with a newly trained youngster, take along the Caboose Travel Diaper Potty, for an portable, easy, and clean potty experience.

Ready? Set? Let the training begin! BBB Business Review