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It'll be happy trails for kids atop our handsome steeds (a.k.a Rocking Horses).

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What a wonderful idea! Rocking horses provide relaxation, recreation, and loads of opportunity for creative minds to imagine!

When your little one needs some quiet time, our rockers offer a perfect solution. The gentle rocking motion is soothing and relaxing, a wonderful combination for an over-stimulated youngster. Get this and your little one won't realize that it's down time, he'll still be having fun on a favorite animal friend!

If it's an exciting game of knights, or ancient dinosaur fun; our rocking horses, or dinosaurs as it may be, offer the perfect setting for these thrilling adventures! So browse our category, view the large selection, and choose the rocker that will make your little one oh-so-happy!

We've got wooden rocking horses in so many styles! You have your pick of your favorite horse. We've got rocking horses that look almost true to life and rocking horses with friendly grins and shining eyes. We have horses in so many different colors, and horses with manes of real hair!

So whether you are an aspiring cowboy, fearless warrior, or royal prince, you'll find the perfect horse you seek!

For a more comfortable ride, we offer a full line of soft plush rockers. Our plush rockers include so many different animals including; rocking horses, rocking elephants, rocking zebras, rocking giraffes, rocking dogs, rocking ducklings, rocking monkey, rocking butterfly, rocking lady bug, rocking caterpillar, rocking frogs, and rocking cows! So find your favorite animal, and get ready for a really fun rock!

If you've got something a bit original in mind, be sure to check out our John Deere and Harley Davidson rockers for both girls and boys! Don't miss our pirate ship rocker and runabout rockers for the sea-lovers!

For an extra special touch, we've got rocking horses that can be personalized with the name of that special someone you love! Choose a folding rocking horse to conserve space, and check out our plastic crocodile rocker and soft double ducky rocker for the really young folks!

Here at the rocking horse you seek is awaiting your pick! You won't be disappointed!