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Large Collection of Moses Baskets for Baby Boys

Mark the arrival of your baby boy with a lovely baby Moses basket to cradle him in. Our charming Moses baskets come in a variety of styles to give your newborn the perfect cozy and reassuring place to sleep and dream! View the collection.

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With newborns needing an average of 16 hours of sleep a day, your cute little boy deserves the perfect protective little cocoon. We offer a variety of baby Moses baskets for boys in wicker-look and other styles. Get all you need at one place with various foam and cotton Moses basket mattresses, along with Moses basket stands.

Baby Moses baskets are perfect for babies up to 4 months. You can choose the right size basket depending on the size, length and mobility of your baby. These baskets give you the option of transporting baby with secure handles. Since babies can spend a lot of time in bed, we’ve baskets lined with soft cotton and a range of other materials that are easy on sensitive skin.

If you want something modern, consider the Natural Baby Lounge to Go with plush toys and that makes hands-free travel possible with a light backpack design!

Make that gift for baby all the more special with a personalized Moses basket (don’t forget to get the name right!). Find a varied assortment of styles here with chevron print baskets or Moses baskets with bows, ruffles and hoods.

Whether you’re looking for a lovely present or shopping for your little boy, find the best quality with great deals at aBaby.