Eco friendly Baby Mattresses and Furniture

We get you eco-friendly mattresses made of natural materials including organic cotton, natural latex, lamb’s wool and coconut coir from Mother Nature. Our range of mattresses and furniture will make delightful additions to your newborn’s nursery.

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Go Green!

As parents, we want to protect our newborns from the toxic chemicals that we’re surrounded with. Unfortunately, many textiles are manufactured from raw materials that have been treated with harmful pesticides and have undergone chemical processing treatments. These chemicals can irritate a baby’s delicate skin, especially if the baby spends hours sleeping in the crib.

We want to make sure your baby gets the best that Mother Nature has to offer with the all-natural materials our bassinet, cradle, and co-sleeper mattresses and changing pads are made of. Crafted from organic cotton, natural latex, lamb’s wool, and coconut coir, these mattresses and changing pads will keep your baby safe, secure, and natural.

We particularly like the organic cocoon changing pad with contoured edges, creating a natural environment for baby while dressing and changing.

Our selection of baby furniture makes beautiful yet convenient additions to a newborn’s nursery. The Eyelet Tranquility bassinet expertly crafted with delicate daisy eyelets and pleasing ruffles and bows make a tranquil sanctuary for your newborn.

The Vista Nightstand, crafted of 100% pine, adds a classic touch to the baby’s nursery. With our eco-friendly range, you’ll have everything it takes to create a beautiful nursery where the baby rests in a soft cocoon of comfort and beauty.