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Baby slumbers peacefully, chest gently rising and falling with each breath. With a sleepy effort, baby shifts, attempting to find a more comfortable position – then bump! The peaceful scene comes to an abrupt halt as cries shatter the stillness. Baby’s head has made contact with the side of the crib resulting in a bump on the head, and effectively putting an end to mom’s concentrated efforts to settle her precious little one.

Don’t let this scene repeat itself! Here at we offer a full line of baby bumpers to pad baby’s crib. Browse our categories, and select the bumper that best suit your needs.

We have bassinet bumpers, cradle bumpers, and portable crib bumpers. Of course we also provide standard crib bumpers, round crib bumpers, and custom bumpers to meet your unique needs. For an all natural sleeping environment we offer organic bumpers, while for easy wash ‘n wipe clean, we have vinyl bumpers as well.

We have solid color bumpers in primary or pastel colors of your choice. We have patterned bumpers with polka dots, stars or stripes. So choose a bumper and enjoy the quiet that reigns even as baby shifts positions. BBB Business Review