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Does homework hour make you shudder as you picture the mess mounting on the dinette table? Do your ears ring with complaints of kids who just can’t seem to find this, that, or the other? Why not solve these issues with one easy decision! A desk! It sounds simple and it is!

Whether your desk will be home to a computer or simply keep the clutter confined, you and your budding scholar are sure to enjoy this little nook! You’ll find it so convenient, you won’t remember how you managed in the pre-desk days.

Desks organize papers, store supplies, perhaps provide a spot for a computer, and offer a quiet working spot. Kids at every age enjoy this private niche – why Dad may find his dream desk here as well. We offer student desks and computer desks, pedestal desks and feminine desks with carved floral detail, as well as no-nonsense “let’s get to work” desks.

Choose from our desks with drawers or desks with shelves, and be sure to check out our many desks with optional hutches for maximum benefit! Whether you seek a traditional style or a contemporary look, we have desks in every model and color.

Wait! Are you a young woman in search of something a bit more feminine? We have a line of vanities to satisfy your heart’s desire. Check out our vanities with bureaus, mirrors, and drawers for storing all of her – oh so precious – cosmetics and accessories.

Whether your focus is on computers and books or beauty and looks – we’ve got you covered!