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Nobody enjoys being kept waiting. Kids – least of all! Bored kids do not make for calm mothers, nor calm waiting rooms. Every waiting room, whether at the doctor, dentist, or other office, should be well equipped with toys that keep kids busy, out of trouble, and possibly even cheerful! You’ll see – the mom’s will be thanking you even more than their young charges.

Here at we offer a full line of exciting waiting room toys that are not only super duper fun, they stimulate development and learning in the most ingenious of ways. The classic waiting room toy – the rollercoaster table, takes on new meaning!

We’ve got so many varieties of rollercoaster tables in all shapes and sizes. We even have submarine rollercoaster tables, space shuttle rollercoaster tables, and traffic jam rollercoaster tables.

Up and coming in the world of learning toys is magnetic play tables. We’ve got magnetic sea life tables and magnetic sand and bug life tables! The kids will have all the fun they crave, without the mess you dread.

Choose our busy cube, pyramid of play, and circle of fun for an assortment of fun activities.

No more dreading waiting time – it’s become the incentive for kids to come along with a smile! BBB Business Review